about us

Supportronics is a young and growing company located in Mendoza, Argentina.
Our company is composed of a dynamic and highly trained engineering staff whose main goal is making our customers more competitive in the current global marketplace. To make this possible, our staff is fully committed to quality in all the project phases for embedded and distributed systems in consumer, automotive and industrial applications.
Our CEO and Founder
Pablo J. Farreras is an expert in embedded and distributed systems for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. After almost 15 years working in R&D consulting around the globe, his many contributions have been recognized for successful projects completed in the U.S., Germany, China and throughout Latin America.
Over the last five years, his effort has been focused on developing and participating in a worldwide network of internationally recognized experts in their respective fields. Within this global context, his skills and dedication has focused on improving and uncovering the best in team work.  He specializes with international and intercultural teams that cooperate simultaneously around the world, employing some of the most effective international project management procedures.
Apart from that, he is passionate about supporting startup projects where uncertainty is the only constant and technical experience, leadership, teamwork and project management -in an uncertain environment- play the most important roles in making ideas happen.

why Argentina?

Argentina has been became an important location for technology companies due to:
  • good communication skills;
  • cultural similarity to the U.S. and Europe;
  • time zone (GMT-3); and
  • costs/quality ratio.
Many Fortune 500 companies have chosen Argentina as home for abroad R&D centres. Blue chip companies including American Express, AOL, BT, Google, IBM, Intel, Marriott Hotels and Resorts, Microsoft and Motorola have installed themselves in different cities in Argentina.

Our Team

The many advantages that our teams offer you are:
  • Innovative and Technical;
  • Organization and Execution;
  • Leadership;
  • Teamwork; and
  • Communication skills.

our vision & mission

We strongly believe that our R&D services in conjunction with our international network are an optimal combination for improving your competitive edge in the global markets of today.
On the one hand, many well-established small and medium-sized enterprises can sharpen their advantages against stronger competitors if they take into account both our highly skilled resources and our opportune cost. On the other hand, startups can succeed in making their ideas happen with our well-designed support.
We believe in our vision and our mission:
            • Vision: becoming a prominent company in Latin America for R&D services of embedded and distributed systems in consumer, automotive and industrial applications.
            • Mission: making our clients succeed through innovation.  Enhancing a competitive edge with new ways of thinking that bring about quality products. Our services are offered at an optimal price for performance balance which is the key to getting ahead in the current market.
In other words, our vision and mission are in place to position us as a global partner by improving the competitive edge of our customers and offering opportunity as a key player in our International Network of strategic partners.