R&D Consulting
Consulting focused on embedded and distributed systems for consumer, automotive and industrial applications:
  • technical viability analysis;
  • project planning;
  • R&D;
  • design;
  • implementation; and
  • production.
Offshoring and/or outsourcing 
Our highly trained team in this area will support your company wherever it is around the globe: the U.S., Europe or any other country in the region. 
  • firmware validation and verification;
  • software validation and verification;
  • IT support;
  • software maintenance; and 
  • any other suitable activity.
Startup Support
Experience in applying Lean Startup approaches in:
  • building projects of exclusively software; and
  • embedded and distributed systems 
Many startups from Latin American may profit from our international network. Especially our partner in the U.S. who has already supported many companies in this process.
Startups from the U.S. or Europe may also benefit from both our direct present interface through our network and recognized technical expertise.

how it works

The ability to make ideas reality is defined by the confluence of these three core components: Management, Leadership and Teamwork. Reaching your greatest potential requires mastering the intricate balance of all three forces at play.